Newturn SolutionsNewturn Solutions

  • Providing the best customer service available. Our contract administrators are responsive and dedicated to understanding and meeting the customer's individual needs, providing personalized service and great attention to detail.

  • Simplifying the process for the buyer. A buyer who wants various types of products from many vendors can purchase exactly what he or she wants with only one contract to Newturn, as compared to entering into several contracts with different vendors.

  • Meeting time demands. We have successfully completed most of our contracts well before the specified date of completion.

  • Offering warehouse capabilities. We have warehouse space available with two cranes and tractor-trailer capabilities. Storing products until they are needed is not a problem for Newturn.

  • Having excellent credit references and accounts with numerous vendors. Our impeccable financial records and credit accounts mean that we pay less for products and services and are able to pass that savings on to our customers.